Provided by: login_4.8.1-1ubuntu3_amd64 bug


       sg - führt einen Befehl unter einer anderen Gruppen-ID aus


       sg [-] [group [-c ] command]


       The sg command works similar to newgrp but accepts a command. The command will be executed
       with the /bin/sh shell. With most shells you may run sg from, you need to enclose
       multi-word commands in quotes. Another difference between newgrp and sg is that some
       shells treat newgrp specially, replacing themselves with a new instance of a shell that
       newgrp creates. This doesn't happen with sg, so upon exit from a sg command you are
       returned to your previous group ID.


       The following configuration variables in /etc/login.defs change the behavior of this tool:

       SYSLOG_SG_ENAB (boolean)
           Enable "syslog" logging of sg activity.


           Informationen zu den Benutzerkonten

           verschlüsselte Informationen zu den Benutzerkonten

           Informationen zu den Gruppenkonten

           sichere Informationen zu den Gruppenkonten


       id(1), login(1), newgrp(1), su(1), gpasswd(1), group(5), gshadow(5).