Provided by: edtsurf_0.2009-6build1_amd64 bug


       EDTSurf - quick and accurate construction of macromolecular surfaces


       EDTSurf -i pdbname ...


       EDTSurf is a open source program to construct triangulated surfaces for macromolecules. It
       generates three major macromolecular surfaces: van der Waals  surface,  solvent-accessible
       surface and molecular surface (solvent-excluded surface). EDTsurf also identifies cavities
       which are inside of macromolecules.


       -o outname

       -t 1-MC 2-VCMC

       -s 1-VWS 2-SAS 3-MS 4-SES

       -c 1-pure 2-atom 3-chain

       -p probe radius [0,2.0]

       -f scale factor (0,20.0]

       -h 1-in and out 2-out 3-in

       output1: outname.ply

       output2: outname.asa

       output3: outname-cav.pdb