Provided by: carbon-c-relay_3.4-1_amd64 bug


       carbon-c-relay - carbon-compatible graphite line mode relay


       carbon-c-relay -f <config> [opts]


       -v     print version and exit

       -f     read <config> for clusters and routes

       -p     listen on <port> for connections, defaults to 2003

       -l     write output to <file>, defaults to stdout/stderr

       -w     use <workers> worker threads, defaults to the number of cpu cores

       -b     server send batch size, defaults to 2500

       -q     server queue size, defaults to 25000

       -L     server max stalls, defaults to 4

       -C     use CA <cert> to verify SSL connections

       -S     statistics sending interval in seconds, defaults to 60

       -B     connection listen backlog, defaults to 32

       -U     socket receive buffer size, max/min/default values depend on OS

       -T     IO timeout in milliseconds for server connections, defaults to 600

       -E     disable disconnecting idle connections after 10 minutes

       -m     send statistics like, e.g. not cumulative

       -c     characters to allow next to [A-Za-z0-9], defaults to -_:#

       -d     debug  mode:  currently  writes  statistics  to  log, prints hash ring contents and
              matching position in test mode (-t)

       -s     submission mode: don't add any metrics to the stream like statistics,  report  drop
              counts and queue pressure to log

       -t     config test mode: prints rule matches from input on stdin

       -H     hostname: override hostname (used in statistics)

       -D     daemonise: run in a background

       -P     pidfile: write a pid to a specified pidfile

       -O     minimum number of rules before optimising the ruleset, default: 50