Provided by: chaosread_1.1-2_amd64 bug


       chaosread - read raw noise source from chaoskey




       chaosread reads ADC values from the noise source on the attached ChaosKey device.


       -s serial | --serial serial
              This selects a ChaosKey by serial number instead of using the first one found.

       -l length | --length length
              Set  the  amount  of  data  to  read.  Suffixes 'k', 'M' and 'G' are supported. The
              default is 1k.

       -i | --infinite
              Keep reading forever (or until the process is killed).

       -b | --bytes
              Read 16-bits little endian values and write out one byte per sample from  bits  1-8
              of the sample (zero-based, so shift right by one).

       -b | --cooked
              Read  values  from  the  'cooked'  endpoint, which is the source used by the kernel
              driver that contains trimmed and whitened data which has  8  bits  of  entropy  per

       -b | --raw
              Read  from  the  raw RNG source endpoint, which is best for testing the hardware on
              the device. This is the default

       -b | --firmware
              Read from the device firmware. This can be used to verify that the firmware in  the
              device has the expected contents.


       chaosread reads noise data.


       Keith Packard

                                            chaosread                                CHAOSREAD(1)