Provided by: cohomcalg_0.32+ds-2build1_amd64 bug


       cohomcalg - sheaf cohomology of line bundles on toric varieties


       cohomcalg [--option1] [--option2] ... InputFileName [> OutputFileName]


              Treats  the text between parentheses like additional input data, i.e. like appended
              content of the input file.

              Prohibits usage and generation of monomial file.

              Computes the Serre dual cohomology for comparison.

              Deactivates the Serre self-duality reduction for ambiguous monomials (may  increase
              computation time dramatically!)

              Does not print the input data read from the input file.

              Shows timing stats even for application runs < 1 second.

              Prints the internally used bitmasks for debug output.

              Gives formattet output for the Mathematica script version.

              Produces minimalistic output for application integration.

              Provides debug output at level N=1..6, e.g. --verbose3.

              Defines limits for X=verts,srgens,cohoms to N.

       The  order  of  options  is irrelevant, but later commands always overwrite prior options,
       e.g. from '--verbose4 --verbose1' only the later one will have any effect.