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       CopyQ - Clipboard Manager with Advanced Features


       copyq [COMMAND]


       CopyQ  is  advanced  clipboard  manager  with  editing and scripting features. It monitors
       system clipboard and saves its content in customized tabs. Saved clipboard  can  be  later
       copied and pasted directly into any application.


       Starts server if no command is specified.

       show [NAME]
              Show main window and optionally open tab with given name.

       hide   Hide main window.

       toggle Show or hide main window.

       menu   Open context menu.

       exit   Exit server.

       disable, enable
              Disable or enable clipboard content storing.

       clipboard [MIME]
              Print clipboard content.

       selection [MIME]
              Print X11 selection content.

       paste  Paste clipboard to current window (may not work with some applications).

       copy TEXT
              Set clipboard text.

       copy MIME DATA [MIME DATA]...
              Set clipboard content.

       count  Print amount of items in current tab.

       select [ROW=0]
              Copy item in the row to clipboard.

       next   Copy next item from current tab to clipboard.

              Copy previous item from current tab to clipboard.

       add TEXT...
              Add text into clipboard.

       insert ROW TEXT
              Insert text into given row.

       remove [ROWS=0...]
              Remove items in given rows.

       edit [ROW=-1...]
              Edit items or edit new one.  Value -1 is for current text in clipboard.

       separator SEPARATOR
              Set separator for items on output.

       read [MIME|ROW]...
              Print raw data of clipboard or item in row.

       write [ROW=0] MIME DATA [MIME DATA]...
              Write raw data to given row.

       action [ROWS=0...]
              Show action dialog.

       action [ROWS=0...] [PROGRAM [SEPARATOR=\n]]
              Run PROGRAM on item text in the rows.  Use %1 in PROGRAM to pass text as argument.

       popup TITLE MESSAGE [TIME=8000]
              Show tray popup message for TIME milliseconds.

       tab    List available tab names.

       tab NAME [COMMAND]
              Run  command  on tab with given name.  Tab is created if it doesn't exist.  Default
              is the first tab.

       removetab NAME
              Remove tab.

       renametab NAME NEW_NAME
              Rename tab.

       exporttab FILE_NAME
              Export items to file.

       importtab FILE_NAME
              Import items from file.

       config List all options.

       config OPTION
              Get option value.

       config OPTION VALUE
              Set option value.

       eval, -e [SCRIPT] [ARGUMENTS]...
              Evaluate   ECMAScript   program.    Arguments    are    accessible    using    with

       session, -s, --session SESSION
              Starts or connects to application instance with given session name.

       help, -h, --help [COMMAND]...
              Print help for COMMAND or all commands.


       Use dash argument (-) to read data from standard input.

       Use  double-dash  argument  (--)  to read all following arguments without expanding escape
       sequences (i.e. \n, \t and others).

       Use ? for MIME to print available MIME types (default is "text/plain").


       Insert some texts to the history:
              copyq add "first item" "second item" "third item"

       Print content of the first three items:
              copyq read 0 1 2
              copyq separator "," read 0 1 2

       Show current clipboard content:
              copyq clipboard
              copyq clipboard text/html
              copyq clipboard \? # lists formats in clipboard

       Copy text to the clipboard:
              copyq copy "Some Text"

       Load file content into clipboard:
              copyq copy - < file.txt
              copyq copy text/html < index.html
              copyq copy image/jpeg - < image.jpg

       Create an image items:
              copyq write image/gif - < image.gif
              copyq write image/svg - < image.svg



       The maintainer of CopyQ is Lukas Holecek ⟨⟩.  A comprehensive list of authors
       and contributors is available in the AUTHORS file.

       This  manual  page  was written by GengYu Rao ⟨⟩, for the Debian project
       (and may be used by others).