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     csi — The CHICKEN Scheme interpreter


     csi [OPTION ...] [FILENAME ...]


     csi is an interpreter for the programming language Scheme supporting most of the features as
     described in the Revised^5 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme.  csi is implemented as
     a program compiled with the CHICKEN compiler.

     FILENAME is a Scheme source file name with optional extension.  OPTION may be  one of the

     -h, -help
             Display usage and exit.

             Display version and exit.

             Print release number and exit.

     -i, -case-insensitive
             Enable case-insensitive reading.

             Evaluate the given expression.

             Evaluate and print the result(s) of the given expression.

     -P EXPRESSION, -pretty-print EXPRESSION
             Evaluate and print result(s) prettily.

     -D SYMBOL, -feature SYMBOL
             Register feature identifier.

     -no-feature SYMBOL
             Disable built-in feature identifier.

     -q, -quiet
             Do not print banner.

     -n, -no-init
             Do not load initialization file.  ‘.csirc’

     -b, -batch
             Terminate after command-line processing.

     -w, -no-warnings
             Disable all warnings.

     -K STYLE, -keyword-style STYLE
             Enable alternative keyword-syntax (prefix, suffix or none)

             Disable list delimiter synonyms.

             Disables support for escaped symbols.

             Disable the CHICKEN extensions to R5RS syntax.

     -s PATHNAME, -script PATHNAME
             Use interpreter for shell scripts.

     -ss PATHNAME
             Run a script with a ‘main’ procedure

     -sx PATHNAME
             Same as -s, but print each expression as it is evaluated.

             Prefer the current directory when locating extensions.

     -R NAME, -require-extension NAME
             Import extension before executing code.

     -I PATHNAME, -include-path PATHNAME
             Add PATHNAME to the include path.

     --      Ignore all following options.


     The following environment variables change the behaviour of csi:

     CSI_OPTIONS           When set to a string of command-line options, then the options are
                           passed implicitly to every direct or indirect invocation of csi. Note
                           that runtime options of the form ‘-:⟨OPTIONS⟩’ cannot be passed using
                           this method.

     CHICKEN_INCLUDE_PATH  Contains one or more pathnames where the interpreter should also look
                           for include files, separated by ‘;’ characters.


           Scheme file loaded on startup. ( $XDG_CONFIG_HOME defaults to $HOME/.config )

           Scheme file loaded on startup if the previous one doesn’t exists.


     The csi utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


     chicken(1), csc(1)

     More information can be found in the CHICKEN User's Manual:


     The CHICKEN Team


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