Provided by: daps_3.0.0-4_all bug


       daps-xmlformat - A program in the DAPS software package, a complete environment to build
       HTML, PDF, ePUB and other formats from DocBook XML.


       This manual page documents briefly the daps-xmlformat program.

       The daps-xmlformat program is a wrapper around the xmlformat command that is used to
       format XML-formatted files. Simply pass the file name to the program on the command line.
       Use the --help switch to see a usage help, like that below:

                               Usage: xmlformat [options] xml-file

                               --help, -h
                               Print this message and exit.
                               --backup suffix -b suffix
                               Back up the input document, adding suffix to the input
                               filename to create the backup filename.
                               Proceed only as far as the document canonization stage,
                               printing the result.
                               Parse the document into tokens and verify that their
                               concatenation is identical to the original input document.
                               This option suppresses further document processing.
                               --config-file file_name, -f file_name
                               Specify the configuration filename. If no file is named,
                               xmlformat uses the file named by the environment variable
                               XMLFORMAT_CONF, if it exists, or ./xmlformat.conf, if it
                               exists. Otherwise, xmlformat uses built-in formatting
                               --in-place, -i
                               Format the document in place, replacing the contents of
                               the input file with the reformatted document. (It's a
                               good idea to use --backup along with this option.)
                               Show configuration options after reading configuration
                               file. This option suppresses document processing.
                               Show elements that are used in the document but for
                               which no options were specified in the configuration
                               file. This option suppresses document output.
                               --verbose, -v
                               Be verbose about processing stages.
                               --version, -V
                               Show version information and exit.


       Filippo Rusconi <>


       Frank Sundermeyer <>

       Thomas Schraitle <>

       Stefan Knorr

       Berthold Gunreben
           Previous Developer of susedoc

       Jana Jaeger
           Previous Developer of susedoc