Provided by: datalad_0.12.4-2_all bug


       datalad no-annex - configure a dataset to never put some content into the dataset's annex


       datalad  no-annex  [-h] [-d DATASET] [--pattern PATTERN [PATTERN ...]] [--ref-dir REF_DIR]


       This can be useful in mixed datasets that also contain textual data, such as source  code,
       which can be efficiently and more conveniently managed directly in Git.

       Patterns generally look like this::


       which would match all file in the code directory. In order to match all files under CODE/,
       including all its subdirectories use such a pattern::


       Note that the plugin works incrementally, hence any existing configuration  (e.g.  from  a
       previous plugin run) is amended, not replaced.

       Parameters ---------- ref_dir : str, optional makedirs : bool, optional


       -h, -\-help, -\-help-np
              show  this  help  message.  --help-np  forcefully  disables  the use of a pager for
              displaying the help message

       -d DATASET, -\-dataset DATASET
              "specify the dataset to configure. If no dataset is given, an attempt  is  made  to
              identify  the  dataset  based  on the current working directory. Constraints: Value
              must be a Dataset or a valid identifier of a Dataset (e.g. a path)

       -\-pattern PATTERN [PATTERN ...]
              list of path patterns. Any content whose path is matching any pattern will  not  be
              annexed  when added to a dataset, but instead will be tracked directly in Git. Path
              pattern have to be relative to the  directory  given  by  the  REF_DIR  option.  By
              default, patterns should be relative to the root of the dataset.

       -\-ref-dir REF_DIR
              Relative  path  (within the dataset) to the directory that is to be configured. All
              patterns are interpreted relative to this path, and configuration is written  to  a
              .GITATTRIBUTES file in this directory. [Default: '.']

              If set, any missing directories will be created in order to be able to place a file
              into --REF-DIR.


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