Provided by: ivtools-bin_1.2.11a2-4build2_amd64 bug


       dclock - digital clock


       dclock [ -cmjd ] [ -sslant ] [ -tthickness ] [ -frate ]


       Dclock  displays  a scalable digital clock.  The time is updated from the local host clock
       every minute as a background process.  The current date is displayed across the top of the
       window in the format

       Sat Aug 16 1986

       (or  some  subset  of  such  if  there's not enough room).  Options to control the clock's
       appearance, size and placement are as follows:

       -c              Display in 12-hour format (“civilian” time) — the default.

       -m              Display in 24-hour format (“military” time).

       -jJohn's flag.”  Puts a tail on the digit `9'.

       -d              Do not display the current date across the top of the clock view.

       -b              Display a border (horizontal line) between the date string  and  the  time

       -T              Do not display the Time in the clock view (leaving just the date).

       -sslant         Set  the slant of the digits.  A slant of 100 (the maximum) corresponds to
                       a slant of one digit width.  A slant  of  0  (the  minimum)  is  vertical.
                       Default is -s30.  A special form is -s, which is equivalent to -s0.

       -tthickness     Set  the  thickness of the digit segments.  Allowable values are between 5
                       and 25.  A thickness of 25 results in segments which are one quarter (25%)
                       of the digit width. Default is -t15.

       -frate          Set the rate at which the segments fade when the time changes.  A value of
                       0 is fastest and 4 is slowest.  Default is -f4.  A  special  form  is  -f,
                       which is equivalent to -f0.

       To exit dclock, type a `q' in the window.