Provided by: deluge_2.0.3-2_all bug


       deluge - A BitTorrent client


       deluge [options] [torrent-file]


       Deluge  utilizes  a  client/server model, with deluged being the daemon process and deluge
       being used to launch a user-interface.

       By default, Deluge will run in Standalone mode where  the  daemon  functionality  will  be
       hidden.  You can switch to Thinclient mode in the Preferences dialog.


   Config Options
       -c path, --config=path
              Set the config directory location.

   UI Options
       See deluge -h for available user interfaces.

       user_interface [ui-args] Alternative UI to launch, with optional ui args

       -s default_ui, --set-default-ui=default_ui
              Sets the default UI to be run when no UI is specified

   Logging Options
       -l file, --logfile=file
              Output to specified logfile instead of stdout

       -L loglevel, --loglevel=loglevel
              Set the log level (default is error): none, info, warning, error, debug

       -q, --quiet
              Sets the log level to none, same as -L none

              Enable  logfile  rotation, with optional maximum logfile size, default: 2M (Logfile
              rotation count is 5)

              Profile with cProfile. Outputs to stdout unless a filename is specified

   Help Options
       -V, --version
              Show program's version number and exit.

       -h, --help
              Show help message and exit.


       deluged(1), deluge-web(1) deluge-console(1),


       Deluge Team: