Provided by: dh-r_20200104_all bug


       dh-make-R - prepare Debian packaging for an original source archive of R software


       dh-make-R [--help] [--team TEAM] [--repo REPO] [--tests TEST1[,TEST2]]


       dh-make-R   is   a  tool  to convert a regular source code package with R code (from CRAN,
       BioConductor or other source) into one formatted according  to  the  requirements  of  the
       Debian R Policy.  Dh-make-R must be invoked within a directory containing the source code.


       --help Print this help message.

       --team Generate  default  maintainer,  uploaders,  VCS  URLs for the given packaging team.
              Understood values  are  "science"  and  "med"  for  debian-science  and  debian-med

       --repo Set the R repository (used in the package name), overriding automatic detection.

       --tests Comma-separated list of test templates to generate. Understood

              values   are   "generic"   (run  tests/*.R),  "run-unit-test"  (installs  tests  as
              documentation,    can    be    run    outside    autopkgtest),     "bioc"     (runs
              BiocGenerics::testPackage) and "vignette" (attempts to rebuild documentation).


       This manpage was written by Andreas Tille.