Provided by: digikam_6.4.0+dfsg-3_amd64 bug


       digikam - digital photo management application


       digikam [options]


       Manage your photographs like a professional, with the power of open source


       -v, --version
              Displays version information.

       -h, --help
              Displays this help.

              Show author information.

              Show license information.

       --desktopfile <file name>
              The base file name of the desktop entry for this application.

       --download-from <path>
              Open camera dialog at <path>

       --download-from-udi <udi>
              Open camera dialog for the device with Solid UDI <udi>

              Automatically detect and open a connected gphoto2 camera

       --database-directory <dir>
              Start digikam with the SQLite database file found in the directory <dir>