Provided by: docker.io_19.03.8-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       docker-image-push - Push an image or a repository to a registry


       docker image push [OPTIONS] NAME[:TAG]


       Use docker image push to share your images to the Docker Hub ⟨⟩
       registry or to a self-hosted one.

       Refer to docker-image-tag(1) for more information about valid image and tag names.

       Killing the docker image push process, for example by pressing CTRL-c while it is running
       in a terminal, terminates the push operation.

       Registry credentials are managed by docker-login(1).


Pushing a new image to a registry

       First save the new image by finding the container ID (using docker container ls) and then
       committing it to a new image name.  Note that only a-z0-9-_. are allowed when naming

              # docker container commit c16378f943fe rhel-httpd

       Now, push the image to the registry using the image ID. In this example the registry is on
       host named registry-host and listening on port 5000. To do this, tag the image with the
       host name or IP address, and the port of the registry:

              # docker image tag rhel-httpd registry-host:5000/myadmin/rhel-httpd
              # docker image push registry-host:5000/myadmin/rhel-httpd

       Check that this worked by running:

              # docker image ls

       You should see both rhel-httpd and registry-host:5000/myadmin/rhel-httpd listed.


           Skip image signing

       -h, --help[=false]
           help for push