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       dub - Package and build management system for D


       dub install <name>[@<version-spec>] OPTIONS...


       Note:  Use  "dub  add  <dependency>"  if  you  just  want  to  use  a certain package as a
       dependency, you don't have to explicitly fetch packages.

       Explicit retrieval/removal of packages is only needed when you want to put packages  in  a
       place where several applications can share them. If you just have a dependency to add, use
       the `add` command. Dub will do the rest for you.

       Without specified options, placement/removal will default to a user wide shared location.

       Complete applications can be retrieved and run easily by e.g.

       $ dub fetch vibelog --cache=local

       $ cd vibelog

       $ dub

       This will grab all needed dependencies and compile and run the application.

       Note: DUB does not do a  system  installation  of  packages.  Packages  are  instead  only
       registered    within    DUB's    internal   ecosystem.   Generation   of   native   system
       packages/installers may be added later as a separate feature.


              Use the specified version/branch instead of the latest available match  The  remove
              command  also  accepts "*" here as a wildcard to remove all versions of the package
              from the specified location

              Deprecated option that does nothing


       dub.sdl, dub.json


       Copyright (c) 1999-2020 by The D Language Foundation



       dmd(1) dub(1)