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       dumpasn1 - ASN.1 object dump/syntax check program


       dumpasn1 [-acdefghilmoprstuvwxz] <file>


       An  ASN.1 object dump program which will dump data encoded using any of the ASN.1 encoding
       rules in a variety of user-specified formats.

       DumpASN1 - ASN.1 object dump/syntax check program.  Copyright Peter Gutmann 1997  -  2012.
       Last updated 8 August 2015.

              Input options:

              -  =  Take  input from stdin (some options may not work properly) -<number> = Start
              <number> bytes into the file -- = End of arg list -c<file> = Read Object Identifier
              info from alternate config file

              (values will override equivalents in global config file)

              Output options:

       -f<file> = Dump object at offset -<number> to file (allows data to be

              extracted from encapsulating objects)

       -w<number> = Set width of output, default = 80 columns

              Display options:

       -a = Print all data in long data blocks, not just the first 128 bytes

       -d = Print dots to show column alignment

       -g = Display ASN.1 structure outline only (no primitive objects)

       -h = Hex dump object header (tag+length) before the decoded output

       -hh = Same as -h but display more of the object as hex data

       -i = Use shallow indenting, for deeply-nested objects

       -l = Long format, display extra info about Object Identifiers

              = Maximum nesting level for which to display content

       -p = Pure ASN.1 output without encoding information

       -t = Display text values next to hex dump of data

       -v = Verbose mode, equivalent to -ahlt

              Format options:

       -e = Don't print encapsulated data inside OCTET/BIT STRINGs

       -r = Print bits in BIT STRING as encoded in reverse order

       -u = Don't format UTCTime/GeneralizedTime string data

       -x = Display size and offset in hex not decimal

              Checking options:

       -o = Don't check validity of character strings hidden in octet strings

       -s = Syntax check only, don't dump ASN.1 structures

       -z = Allow zero-length items

       Warnings  generated  by  deprecated OIDs require the use of '-l' to be displayed.  Program
       return code is the number of errors found or EXIT_SUCCESS.


       This manual page was written  by  Mathieu  Malaterre  <>  for  the  Debian
       GNU/Linux system, but may be used by others.


       $HOME/.dumpasn1.cfg, /etc/dumpasn1/dumpasn1.cfg:

       This  is  the  configuration  file,  it  will  be searched in this order. It contains OIDs
       commonly used.


       quote from Peter Gutmann:

       ASN.1 object dumping code, copyright Peter Gutmann <>,  based  on
       ASN.1  dump program by David Kemp <>, with contributions from various
       people including Matthew Hamrick <>, Bruno Couillard <bcouillard@chrysalis->,  Hallvard  Furuseth <>, Geoff Thorpe <>,
       David Boyce <>, John Hughes <>,  Life  is  hard,
       and    then    you    die    <>,    Hans-Olof    Hermansson    <hans->,    Tor    Rustad    <>,    Kjetil     Barvik
       <>,  James Sweeny <>, and several other people whose
       names I've misplaced.

       dumpasn1 is available at


       Copyright Peter Gutmann 1997 - 2012. Last updated 8 August 2015.