Provided by: ecaccess_4.0.1-1_all bug


       ecaccess-job-submit - Submit a new ECaccess Job


       ecaccess-job-submit -version|-help|-manual

       ecaccess-job-submit [-debug] [-distant] [-encrypt] [-bufsize length] [-scheduledDate date]
       [-noDirectives] [-gateway name] [-remote location] [-transferOutput] [-transferError]
       [-transferInput] [-keep] [-eventIds list] [-sterr2Stdout] [-noRenew] [-mailTo email]
       [-onStart] [-onSuccess] [-onFailure] [-onRetry] [-jobName name] [-manPage content]
       [-lifeTime days] [-retryCount number] [-retryFrequency frequency] [-queueName name] source


       Allow submitting the source script on either the default ECaccess batch queue or the
       ECaccess batch queue specified with the -queueName option. ECaccess batch queue name can
       be obtained with the ecaccess-queue-list command (the default queue is the first in the

       A special service (see option -eventIds) allows to automatically submit jobs to be run
       when certain points in the daily ECMWF operational forecast suite have been reached. The
       main purpose is to ensure that certain data is available before e.g. submitting a MARS
       request. These events correspond to the different stages when the ECMWF operational
       activity has produced certain data or products. The list of events can be retrieved with
       the ecaccess-event-list command.

       In order to facilitate the migration from the old ECtools (ecjreq/ecjput commands) the
       equivalents options can be set using their old names (e.g. -at for -scheduledDate). This
       should limit the scripts modifications for job submissions.


       source  The name of the file which contains the job input script (depending of the
               -distant option this file is either at ECMWF or local to your workstation).


               By default the source is specifying a file which is local to your workstation.
               Using this option allow submitting a script which is already at ECMWF.

               By default the source file is uploaded through the plain text channel (http).
               Using this option will force the upload to occurs through the SSL secure channel
               (https). This option only apply for local scripts (no -distant).

       -bufsize length
               Specify the length of the buffer (in bytes) which is used to upload the file.  The
               larger the buffer the smaller the number of http/s requests. By default a buffer
               of 524288 bytes (512KB) is used. This option only apply for local scripts (no

       -at, -scheduledDate date
               Allow specifying the start date for the Job. By default the job will start as soon
               as possible. The format for the date is 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm'.

       -nd, -noDirectives
               Allow submitting a job with no scheduler directives. Some default directives will
               be added to your input script to allow processing the job.

       -tg, -gateway name
               This is the name of the target ECaccess Gateway for the transfers. It is by
               default the Gateway you are connected to. In order to get the name of your current
               Gateway you can use the ecaccess-gateway-name command. When using the commands at
               ECMWF the default Gateway is always "".

       -tr, -remote location
               Defines the target ECtrans location in the format association-name[@protocol].

       -to, -transferOutput
               Request the transfer of the job standard output to the gateway and remote location
               defined in the -gateway and -remote options.

       -te, -transferError
               Request the transfer of the job error output to the gateway and remote location
               defined in the -gateway and -remote options.

       -ti, -transferInput
               Request the transfer of the job input to the gateway and remote location defined
               in the -gateway and -remote options.

       -tk, -keep
               Allow keeping the transfers requests in the spool.

       -ni, -eventIds list
               Allow giving a list of event-identifiers to subscribe to with the Job. The list
               should be separated by ';' or ','.

       -eo, -sterr2Stdout
               Force redirection of the job standard error output (stderr) to the job standard
               output (stdout).

       -ro, -noRenew
               The job subscriptions to events will not be renewed.

       -mu, -mailTo email
               Defines the target email address (default: current ECMWF user identifier).

       -mb, -onStart
               Allow sending a mail when the execution/transfer begins.

       -me, -onSuccess
               Allow sending a mail when the execution/transfer ends.

       -mf, -onFailure
               Allow sending a mail when the execution/transfer fails.

       -mr, -onRetry
               Allow sending a mail when the execution/transfer retries.

       -queueName name
               The name of the ECaccess batch queue to submit the job to.

       -jn, -jobName name
               Allow specifying a name for the new Job (other than the Job Identifier). If no
               name is specified then the name of the input script is used.

       -mp, -manPage content
               Allow giving the man page content which will be displayed to the ECMWF operators
               in case of problems with your Job (e.g. what to do or who to contact).

       -lt, -lifeTime days
               Allow specifying the job input/output life time in days. The default is 7 days.

       -rc, -retryCount number
               Defines the number of retries. The default is 0.

       -rf, -retryFrequency frequency
               Defines the frequency of retries in seconds. The default is 600 seconds.

               Display version number and exits.

       -help   Print a brief help message and exits.

       -manual Prints the manual page and exits.

       -retry count
               Number of SSL connection retries per 5s to ECMWF. This parameter only apply to the
               initial SSL connection initiated by the command to the ECMWF server. It does not
               apply to all the subsequent requests made afteward as it is mainly targeting
               errors that can happen from time to time during the SSL handshake. Default is no

       -debug  Display the SOAP and SSL messages exchanged.


       ecaccess-job-submit -noDirectives ./test.txt

       Transfer the local file test.txt to your ECMWF spool and submit the job to the default
       ECaccess batch queue.  The source does not have any directives.


       ecaccess-queue-list, ecaccess-event-list, ecaccess-job-delete, ecaccess-job-get, ecaccess-
       job-list ecaccess-job-restart and ecaccess.