Provided by: ecaccess_4.0.1-1_all bug


       ecaccess-queue-list - List available queues


       ecaccess-queue-list -version|-help|-manual

       ecaccess-queue-list [-debug] [queue-name]


       Two different types of queues are in use with ECaccess:

       1 - The ECaccess batch queues, which correspond to one system at ECMWF with its specific
       batch environment, e.g. ecgate will be the ECaccess queue, which will redirect jobs to
       ecgate at ECMWF, running LoadLeveler. This ECaccess queue will be given as argument when
       submitting a batch job.

       2 - The batch queues (or classes) on the systems at ECMWF will be given in the batch job
       with #@ class = for LoadLeveler.

       The names of the ECaccess queues and associated batch queues at ECMWF can be seen with
       this command. When an ECaccess queue-name is specified then the details for this queue are
       displayed (including the list of classes).

       The first ECaccess batch queue in the list is the default queue when submitting a batch
       job with the ecaccess-job-submit command.


       queue-name (optional)
               The name of the ECaccess queue to retrieve the details.


               Display version number and exits.

       -help   Print a brief help message and exits.

       -manual Prints the manual page and exits.

       -retry count
               Number of SSL connection retries per 5s to ECMWF. This parameter only apply to the
               initial SSL connection initiated by the command to the ECMWF server. It does not
               apply to all the subsequent requests made afteward as it is mainly targeting
               errors that can happen from time to time during the SSL handshake. Default is no

       -debug  Display the SOAP and SSL messages exchanged.



       List all the ECaccess batch queues (or systems supporting job submission at ECMWF).

       ecaccess-queue-list ecgate

       List all the batch queues (or classes) on the ECMWF system ecgate.