Provided by: ethstatus_0.4.9_amd64 bug


       ethstatus - Console-based ethernet statistics monitor


       ethstatus  [  -h  ]  [  -i  interface  ]  [  -v videomode ] [ -S bps[k|m|g] ] [ -s speed ]
       (backward compatibility)


       ethstatus is a console-based monitoring utility for displaying  statistical  data  of  the
       ethernet interface on a quantity basis.


       The following options can be provided:

       -i     Specify the ethernet interface which shall be monitored. Default is 'eth0'.

       -v     Set  the  video  mode  used by curses. Possible choices are 'vga' (the default) and
              'mono' (useful for black-and-white monitors).

       -S     Set the maximum network speed in bits per second. ethstatus knows  about  the  kilo
              (k),  mega  (m) and giga (g) modifiers. So you can specify the speed as e.g. 64k or
              100m or 1g.

       -s     Set the maximum network speed. Possible values are '10'  (=10  Mbps),  ´100'  (=100
              Mbps),  '64'  (=64  kbps), '128' (=128 kbps), 256 (=256 kbps), ´768' (=768 kbps) or
              '1540' (=1540 kbps). This option is provided for backward  compatibility  to  prior
              versions of ethstatus. Please use the -S parameter instead.

              The      original     program     was     written     by     Gabriel     Montenegro
              <>.   Bug   fixes,   code   cleanup,    different
              improvements and this manual page were provided by Christoph Haas <email@christoph-
    > for the Debian GNU/Linux system.

                                           May  1, 2003                              ETHSTATUS(1)