Provided by: etm_3.2.30-1_all bug


       etm - manage events and tasks using simple text files


         etm [logging level] [path] [?] [acmsv]


       With no arguments, etm will use settings from the configuration file ~/.etm/etmtk.cfg, set
       logging level 3 (warn) and open the GUI.

       if the first argument is an integer not less  than  1  (debug)  and  not  greater  than  5
       (critical), then etm will use that logging level and remove the argument.

       If  the  first (remaining) argument is the path to a directory which contains a file named
       etm.cfg, then etm will use that configuration file and remove the argument.

       If the first (remaining) argument is one of the  commands  listed  below,  then  etm  will
       execute the remaining arguments without opening the GUI.

           a ARG   display the agenda view using ARG, if given, as a filter.
           k ARG   display the keywords view using ARG, if given, as a filter.
           n ARGS  Create a new item using the remaining arguments
                   as the item specification.
           m INT   display a report using the remaining argument, which must be a
                   positive integer, to display a report using the corresponding
                   entry from the file given by report_specifications in etmtk.cfg.
                   Use ? m to display the numbered list of entries from this file.
           p ARG   display the path view using ARG, if given, as a filter.
           r ARGS  display a report using the remaining arguments as the
                   report specification.
           s ARG   display the schedule view using ARG, if given, as a filter.
           t ARG   display the tags view using ARG, if given, as a filter.
           v       display information about etm and the operating system.
           ? ARGS  display (this) command line help information if ARGS = '' or,
                   if ARGS = X where X is one of the above commands, then display
                   details about command X. 'X ?' is equivalent to '? X'.


       Group items by year, month and day together

           etm r c ddd, MMM d yyyy


           Fri, Apr 1 2011
             items for April 1
           Sat, Apr 2 2011
             items for April 2

       Data items begin with a data type character and continue on one or more lines either until
       the end of the file is reached or another line is found that begins with a type character.
       Data type characters and the associated data types:

       ~      Action: a record of time and/or money spent.

       *      Event: happens on a particular date and time.

       ^      Occasion: happens on a particular date, e.g., a  holiday, anniversary or birthday.

       !      Note: a record of some useful information.

       -      Task: something that needs to be done.

       %      Delegated task: a task assigned to someone else.

       +      Task  group:  a  group  of  related  tasks,  some of which may be prerequisites for

       $      Inbasket: quick entry to be edited later when time permits.

       ?      Someday maybe: remember but don't show in the common views.

       #      Hidden: remember but hide from all etm views except path view.

       =      Defaults: set default options for subsequent entries in the same data file.

       The beginning data type character for each item is followed by the item summary and  then,
       perhaps, by one or more '@key value' option pairs. Examples:

       ·  A  sales meeting (an event) a week from today from 9:00am until 10:00am with a 5 minute
          early warning alert:

           * sales meeting @s +7 9a @e 1h @a 5

       ·  Prepare a report (a task) for the meeting beginning 3 days early:

           - prepare report @s +7 @b 3

       ·  A 35 minute period (an action) spent working on the report yesterday:

           ~ report preparation @s -1 @e 35

       ·  Get a haircut (a task) on the 24th of  the  current  month  and  then  [r]epeatedly  at
          (d)aily  [i]ntervals  of  14  days  and, [o]n completion, (r)estart from the completion

           - get haircut @s 24 @r d &i 14 @o r

       ·  Do the jobs in the following task group in 'q' order to finish the dog house project:

           + dog house
                 @j pickup lumber and paint &q 1
                 @j cut pieces &q 2
                 @j assemble &q 3
                 @j paint &q 4

       ·  Payday (an occassion) on the last week day of each month. The '&s' part  of  the  entry
          extracts  the last date which is both a weekday and falls within the last three days of
          the month.):

           ^ payday @s 1/1 @r m &w (MO, TU, WE, TH, FR) &m (-1, -2, -3) &s -1

       ·  Take a prescribed medication daily (a reminder) for the next three days at  10am,  2pm,
          6pm and 10pm and trigger the default alert zero minutes before each event:

           * take Rx @s +0 @r d &h 10, 14, 18, 22 &u +4 @a 0

       ·  Presidential  election day (an occassion) every four years on the first Tuesday after a
          Monday in November:

           ^ Presidential Election Day @s 2012-11-06
                 @r y &i 4 &M 11 &m range(2,9) &w TU

       ·  Join the etm discussion group (a task). Because of the @g (goto) link, pressing  Ctrl-G
          when  the  details  of this item are displayed in the gui would open the link using the
          system default application:

           - join the etm discussion group


       Extensive documentation can be found in the folder:



       Please report bugs to the etm discussion group:



       Daniel A Graham <>


       Copyright (c) 2009-2014 [Daniel Graham]. All rights reserved.