Provided by: exo-utils_0.12.11-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       exo-open - Open URLs and launch preferred applications


       exo-open [[url]...]

       exo-open --launch [category] [[parameter]...]


       exo-open is a command line frontend to the Xfce Preferred Applications framework. It can
       either be used to open a list of urls with the default URL handler or launch the preferred
       application for a certain category.


       exo-open either takes a list of URLs and tries to open each of them using the default
       handler, or, when using the --launch tries to launch the preferred application for a
       certain category, optionally passing any number of parameters to the application.

       -?, --help
           Print brief help and exit.

       -v, --version
           Print version information and exit.

       --working-directory directory
           When using the --launch option and this option is specified as well, the application
           will be run in the given directory. This is primarily useful when running the
           preferred TerminalEmulator from another application and you want the command in the
           terminal window to be run in a specific directory.

       --launch category parameters...
           Launch the preferred application for the given category with the optional
           parameters..., where category is either WebBrowser, MailReader, TerminalEmulator or

       If you do not specify the --launch option, exo-open will open all specified URLs with
       their preferred URL handlers. Else, if you specify the --launch option, you can select
       which preferred application you want to run, and pass additional parameters to the
       application (i.e. for TerminalEmulator you can pass the command line that should be run in
       the terminal).


       exo-open allows users and developers to open the preferred email composer from the command
       line by simply invoking exo-open mailto:USER@HOST.TLD. This will open the composer window
       with USER@HOST.TLD as the recipient. This syntax is supported by all MailReaders. In
       addition the MailReaders that ship as part of libexo also support extended mailto:-URIs
       (but be aware that user-defined mailers do not necessarily support this), which allows you
       to also specify default values for the subject and the body of the mail, add additional
       recipients (both Cc: and To:) and attach files to emails. For example tells the composer to
       start an email to and with Foo in the subject and the file
       /foo/bar.txt attached to the message.


       exo-open was written by Benedikt Meurer <>.

       This manual page was provided by Benedikt Meurer <>.