Provided by: ffindex_0.9.9.9-3_amd64 bug


       ffindex_from_tsv - populate index from TSV file


       USAGE:   debian/tmp/usr/bin/ffindex_from_tsv   -v   |   [-s]   [-k   INDEX]  data_filename
       index_filename fasta_filename

       -k INDEX
              field index from 1 which is used as key (default = 1)

       -s     sort index file (usually you want this)

       Designed and implemented by Andreas Hauser <>.


       User feedback is welcome, especially bugs, performance  issues  and  last  but  not  least
       convenience of the programs and API.

       Email Andreas Hauser

ffindex_from_tsv version 1.00, off_t = 64 bitMay 2019                         FFINDEX_FROM_TSV(1)