Provided by: figtree_1.4.4-4_all bug


       figtree - graphical phylogenetic tree viewer


       figtree   [-graphic   <PDF|SVG|SWF|PS|EMF|PNG>]   [-width   <i>]   [-height  <i>]  [-help]
       [<tree-file-name>] [<graphic-file-name>]


       Figtree is a (phylogenetic) tree figure drawing tool.   It  is  designed  as  a  graphical
       viewer of phylogenetic trees and as a program for producing publication-ready figures.  In
       particular it is designed to display summarized and annotated trees produced by BEAST.


       -graphic produce a graphic with the given format

       -width the width of the graphic in pixels

       -height the height of the graphic in pixels

       -help option to print help message


       Andrew Rambaut <>, University of Edinburgh,  Institute  of  Evolutionary
       Biology <>

       Uses the Java Evolutionary Biology Library (JEBL) <>

       Thanks to Alexei Drummond, Joseph Heled, Philippe Lemey, Tulio de Oliveira, Beth Shapiro &
       Marc Suchard


       figtree test.tree
       figtree -graphic PDF test.tree test.pdf
       figtree -graphic PNG -width 320 -height 320 test.tree test.png