Provided by: flashproxy-client_1.7-4build1_all bug


       flashproxy-reg-email - Register with a facilitator using the email method


       flashproxy-reg-email [OPTIONS] [REMOTE][:PORT]


       Register with a flash proxy facilitator through email. Makes a STARTTLS connection to an
       SMTP server and sends mail with a client IP address to a designated address. By default
       the remote address registered is ":9000" (the external IP address is guessed based on the
       SMTP server’s response).

       Using an SMTP server or email address other than the defaults will not work unless you
       have made special arrangements to connect them to a facilitator.

       The email address is not polled continually. After running the program, it may take up to
       a minute for the registration to be recognized.

       This program requires the M2Crypto library for Python.


           Name lookups use only IPv4.

           Name lookups use only IPv6.

       -d, --debug
           Enable debugging output (Python smtplib messages).

           Don’t check the server’s public key against a list of known pins. You can use this if
           the server’s public key has changed and this program hasn’t been updated yet.

       -e, --email=ADDRESS
           Send mail to ADDRESS (default is "").

           Encrypt registrations to the given PEM-formatted public key (default built-in).

       -h, --help
           Display help message and exit.

       -s, --smtp=HOST[:PORT]
           Use the given SMTP server (default is "").

           Registrations include the fact that you intend to use the given TRANSPORT (default

           Don’t scrub IP addresses from logs.



       Please report using

                                            12/17/2019                    FLASHPROXY-REG-EMAIL(1)