Provided by: fp-utils-3.0.4_3.0.4+dfsg-23_amd64 bug


       fprcp - Free Pascal windres preprocessor program.


       fprcp -i file_name [-n] [-C] [-l PASCAL|C] [-p <include_path>]


       fprcp  reads  a  .rc file and preprocesses it, writing the result to standard output as it
       goes along. It replaces defined constants with their values, so windres  can  process  the
       resulting file and create a resource.


       fprcp needs as a minimum the -i filename option, which is the file to process.


       fprcp has a small number of options to control its behaviour:

       -C     Define the symbol symbol before processing is started.

       -i file
              Specify the input file name. This argument is mandatory.

       -l language
              Set the programming language for include files. The language constant may be one of
              the following:

              C      The C programming language.

              PASCAL the Pascal programming language

       -n     Do not support nested comments. By default, pascal nested comments are enabled.

       -p path
              Set the include path. This may contain several files, separated by semicolons.


              ppc386(1) windres(1)