Provided by: freetype2-demos_2.10.1-2_amd64 bug


       ftgrid - simple glyph grid viewer


       ftgrid [options] pt font ...


       ftgrid displays the glyphs of a font as outlines right before the conversion from outlines
       to pixels take place.   It  also  displays  the  resulting  bitmap.   It  is  possible  to
       interactively   change  hinting  and  rendering  options,  thus  visualizing  the  applied
       distortions to the outlines.

       pt     The point size for the given resolution.  If resolution  is  72dpi,  this  directly
              gives the ppem value (pixels per EM).

       font   The  font  file(s)  to display.  For Type 1 font files, ftgrid also tries to attach
              the corresponding metrics file (with extension `.afm' or `.pfm').

       This program is part of the FreeType demos package.


       -d WxHxD
              Set the window width to W pixels, the height to H pixels, and the depth  to  D  bpp
              (default: 640x480x24).

       -r r   Use resolution r dpi (default: 72dpi).

       -f index
              Specify first index to display (default: 0).

       -e enc Specify  encoding  tag (default: no encoding).  Common values: unic (Unicode), symb
              (symbol), ADOB (Adobe standard), ADBC (Adobe custom).

       -a "axis1 axis2 ..."
              For Multiple Master, GX, or OpenType variation fonts,  specify  design  coordinates
              for  each  axis at start-up.  This option implies option -n.  Ignored for all other
              font formats.

       -n     Don't display named instances of variation fonts.

       -k keys
              Emulate sequence of keystrokes upon start-up.  If the keystrokes contain  'q',  the
              program operates in batch mode.

       -v     Show version.