Provided by: freetype2-demos_2.10.1-2_amd64 bug


       ftvalid - font layout table validator


       ftvalid [options] fontfile


       ftvalid is an OpenType layout table validator.

       This program is part of the FreeType demos package.


       -f index
              Select font index (default: 0).

       -t validator
              Select validator.  Available validators are ot, gx, and ckern.

              Note  that  the  availability  of  validators  depends  on  compile-time options of
              FreeType (this is, whether the modules `otvalid' and `gxvalid'  are  compiled  into
              the library).

       -T tbls
              [ot, gx] Select sfnt table name tags to be validated.  Use `:' to separate tags.

              Supported tables in ot validator are BASE, GDEF, GPOS, GSUB, JSTF, and MATH.

              Supported  tables  in  gx  validator  are feat, mort, morx, bsln, just, kern, opbd,
              trak, prop, and lcar.

              Example: -T "feat:morx"

       -T dialect
              [ckern] Select classic kern dialect for validation.  Use `:'  to  separate  dialect
              names.   If  more  than  one  dialect  is specified, all dialects are accepted when

              Supported dialects in ckern validator are ms and apple.

       -l     List the layout-related SFNT tables available  in  the  font  file.   The  selected
              validator (with option -t) affects the list.

              ckern  is  applicable  to `kern' table only.  Option -L lists dialects supported in
              ckern validator only if `kern' table is available in the font file.

       -V level
              Validation level.  Possible values are 0 (default), 1 (tight), and 2 (paranoid).

       -v     Show version.


              You can specify `component:level' pairs for tracing.  level must be  in  the  range

              Available  components  for ot validator are otvmodule, otvcommon, otvbase, otvgdef,
              otvgpos, otvgsub, and otvjstf.

              Available components for gx validator are gxvmodule, gxvcommon,  gxvfeat,  gxvmort,
              gxvmorx, gxvbsln, gxvjust, gxvkern, gxvopbd, gxvtrak, gxvprop, and gxvlcar.

              Available component for ckern validator is gxvkern only.

              Example: FT2_DEBUG="otvcommon:5 gxvkern:7"

              FT2_DEBUG only works if tracing support is compiled into FreeType.