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       fwb_ipt - Policy compiler for Cisco PIX


       fwb_pix -fdata_file.xml [-V] [-dwdir] [-i] [-v] [-xc] [-xt] object_name


       fwb_pix  is  firewall  policy  compiler  component of Firewall Builder (see fwbuilder(1)).
       Compiler reads objects definitions and firewall description from the data  file  specified
       with  "-f"  option and generates resultant Cisco PIX configuration file. The configuration
       is written to the file with the name the same as the name of  the  firewall  object,  plus
       extension ".fw".

       The  data file and the name of the firewall objects must be specified on the command line.
       Other command line parameters are optional.


       -f FILE
              Specify the name of the data file to be processed.

       -d wdir
              Specify working directory. Compiler creates file with  PIX  configuration  in  this
              directory.   If this parameter is missing, then PIX configuration will be placed in
              the current working directory.

       -v     Be verbose: compiler prints diagnostic messages when it works.

       -V     Print version number and quit.

       -i     When this option is present, the last argument on the command line is  supposed  to
              be firewall object ID rather than its name

       -xc    When  output  file  name  is  determined automatically (i.e. flags -o or -O are not
              present), the file name is composed of the cluster name and  member  firewall  name
              rather  than  just  member  firewall name. This is used mostly for testing when the
              same member firewall object can be a part  of  different  clusters  with  different

       -xt    This flag makes compiler treat all fatal errors as warnings and continue processing
              rules. Generated configuration script  most  likely  will  be  incorrect  but  will
              include error message as a comment; this flag is used for testing and debugging.


       Firewall Builder home page is located at the following URL:


       Please report bugs using bug tracking system on SourceForge:


       fwbuilder(1), fwb_ipf(1), fwb_ipt(1) fwb_pf(1)