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       g.access  - Controls access to the current mapset for other users on the system.
       If no option given, prints current status.


       general, map management, permission


       g.access --help
       g.access  [group=string]   [other=string]   [--help]  [--verbose]  [--quiet]  [--ui]

           Print usage summary

           Verbose module output

           Quiet module output

           Force launching GUI dialog

           Access for group
           Options: grant, revoke

           Access for others
           Options: grant, revoke


       This  program allows the user to control access to the current mapset.  Normally, any user
       can read data from any GRASS mapset. But sometimes it is desirable to prohibit  access  to
       certain  sensitive  data.  The g.access command allows a user to restrict read and execute
       access to the current mapset (see UNIX chmod command).  g.access  will  not  modify  write
       access to the current mapset.

       The  user  may, for example, allow only users in the same UNIX group to read data files in
       the mapset, or restrict the mapset to personal use only.


       Under GRASS, access to the mapset PERMANENT must be open to all users.   This  is  because
       GRASS  looks for the user’s default geographic region definition settings and the location
       TITLE in files that are  stored  under  the  PERMANENT  mapset  directory.   The  g.access
       command, therefore, will not allow you to restrict access to the PERMANENT mapset.

       The  g.mapsets  command  isn’t  smart  enough  to  tell if access to a specified mapset is
       restricted, and the user is therefore allowed to include the names of  restricted  mapsets
       in  his  search  path.   However,  the data in a restricted mapset is still protected; any
       attempts to look for or use data in a restricted mapset will fail.  The user  will  simply
       not see any data listed for a restricted mapset.

       UNIX filesystem access controls and g.access actions are not supported by MS-Windows.


       UNIX manual entries for chmod(1) and group(5)


       Michael Shapiro, U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory


       Available at: g.access source code (history)

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