Provided by: gbrowse_2.56+dfsg-8_all bug


       gbrowse_slave - Creates an account for GBrowse


       gbrowse_slave  [options]  [-p  portnumber] Network port number to listen to (default 8101)
       [-v level] Verbosity level (0-3) [-u name] User to run under (same as current)  [-l  path]
       Log  file  path (default, use STDERR) [--pid path] PID file path (default, none) [-preload
       path] Path to a config file containing override information
        and databases to preload [-T path] Override location of configuration file cache files.


       Bare-naked Gbrowse render server.  Launch with the port number to  listen  on.   No  other
       configuration  information is necessary. The needed configuration will be transmitted from
       the master server at run time.  If you need to  override  some  configuration  information
       (for  example, to specify a different tmp_base directory for session information), you may
       place it in a configuration file in the [GENERAL] section. All options  in  the  [GENERAL]
       section   will   override  the  transmitted  information.   Any  [name:database]  sections
       containing database information located in the preload config file will  be  preloaded  to
       reduce execution latency.


       Olivier  Sallou  (olivier.sallou  (at) - Man page and packaging Lincoln Stein -