Provided by: gdmd_2.100+git200102-1_all bug


       gdmd - wrapper script for gdc that emulates the dmd command


       gdmd files.d { -switch }


              D source files

              D interface files

              Object files to link in

              Library files to link in

       pass -arch option to gdc

       compile only, do not link

       do code coverage analysis

       generate documentation

       write documentation file to docdir directory

       write documentation file to filename

       allow deprecated features

       compile in debug code

       compile in debug code <= level

       compile in debug code identified by ident

       debug library to use instead of phobos

       default library to use instead of phobos

       write module dependencies to filename

       pass an -f... option to gdc

       for every source file, semantically process each file preceding i

       pass a -framework ... option to gdc

       add symbolic debug info

       always emit stack frame

       generate 'header' file

       write 'header' file to hdrdir directory

       write 'header' file to filename

       where to look for imports

       path is a ; separated list of paths. Multiple -I's can be used, and the paths are searched
       in the same order.

       ignore unsupported pragmas

       do function inlining

       where to look for string imports

       pass linkerflag to linker

       generate library

       pass an -m... option to gdc

       open web browser on manual page

       generate linker .map file

       turns off array bounds checking for all functions


       do not write object file

       write object files to directory objdir

       name output file to filename

       do not strip paths from source file

       use pipes instead of intermediate files

       profile runtime performance

       suppress unnecessary error messages

       Pass the comma-separated arguments to gdc

       compile release version

       run resulting program, passing args

       generate shared library (DLL)

       compile in unit tests


       Print commands executed by this wrapper script

       print compiler version and exit

       Print the usage information and exit

       compile in version code >= level


       list all variables going into thread local storage

       enable warnings

       enable informational warnings compile in version code identified by ident

       generate JSON file

       write JSON to filename





       (C) 2007 David Friedman

       Maintained by:

       (C) 2011 Iain Buclaw