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Graphical index of GRASS GIS modules

   General modules:
           ·   g.access Controls access to the current mapset for other users on the system.

           ·   g.cairocomp Overlays multiple X Pixmaps.

           ·   g.copy Copies available data files in the current mapset search path to the user’s
               current mapset.

           ·   g.dirseps Internal GRASS utility for converting directory separator characters.

           ·   g.extension.all Rebuilds or removes all locally installed GRASS Addons extensions.

           ·   g.extension Maintains GRASS Addons extensions in local GRASS installation.

           ·   g.filename Prints GRASS data base file names.

           ·   g.findetc Searches for GRASS support files.

           ·   g.findfile Searches for GRASS data base files and sets variables for the shell.

           ·   g.gisenv Outputs and modifies the user’s current GRASS variable settings.

           ·   g.gui.animation  Tool  for animating a series of raster and vector maps or a space
               time raster or vector dataset.

           ·   g.gui.datacatalog Tool for browsing, modifying and managing GRASS maps.

           ·   g.gui.dbmgr Launches graphical attribute table manager.

           ·   g.gui.gcp Georectifies a map and allows managing Ground Control Points.

           ·   g.gui.gmodeler Graphical Modeler.

           ·   g.gui Launches a GRASS graphical user interface (GUI) session.

           ·   g.gui.iclass Tool for supervised classification of imagery data.

           ·   g.gui.image2target Georectifies a map and allows managing  Ground  Control  Points
               for 3D correction.

           ·   g.gui.mapswipe Interactively compares two maps by swiping a visibility bar.

           ·   g.gui.photo2image Corrects scanning distortions of a paper photo.

           ·   g.gui.psmap Tool for creating hardcopy map outputs.

           ·   g.gui.rlisetup Configuration tool for modules.

           ·   g.gui.timeline  Allows  comparing  temporal  datasets by displaying their temporal
               extents in a plot.

           ·   g.gui.tplot Plots the values of temporal datasets.

           ·   g.gui.vdigit Interactive editing and digitization of vector maps.

           ·   g.list Lists available GRASS data base  files  of  the  user-specified  data  type
               optionally using the search pattern.

           ·   g.manual Displays the manual pages of GRASS modules.

           ·   g.mapset Changes/reports current mapset.

           ·   g.mapsets Modifies/prints the user’s current mapset search path.

           ·   g.message  Prints  a  message, warning, progress info, or fatal error in the GRASS

           ·   g.mkfontcap Generates the font configuration file by scanning various  directories
               for fonts.

           ·   g.parser Provides automated parser, GUI, and help support for GRASS scipts.

           ·   g.pnmcomp Overlays multiple PPM image files.

           ·   g.ppmtopng Converts between PPM/PGM and PNG image formats.

           ·   g.proj   Prints  or  modifies  GRASS  projection  information  files  (in  various
               co-ordinate system descriptions).

           ·   g.region Manages the boundary definitions for the geographic region.

           ·   g.remove Removes data base element files from the user’s current mapset using  the
               search pattern.

           ·   g.rename Renames data base element files in the user’s current mapset.

           · Search in GRASS modules using keywords

           ·   g.tempfile Creates a temporary file and prints it’s file name.

           ·   g.version Displays GRASS GIS version info.

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