Provided by: genwqe-tools_4.0.18-3_amd64 bug


       genwqe_update - IBM Hardware Accelerator Tool.


       genwqe_update [-h, --help] [-v,--verbose] [-C,--card <cardno>]


              [-V,   --version]   [-v,  --verbose]  [-f,  --file  <image.rbf>]  [-p,  --partition
              <partition>] Default: 1 [-x, --verify <0:no|1:yes>]

       This utility updates the Genwqes FLASH with an new  image  from  an  *.rbf  file.  Do  not
       disconnect  the  card from power while updating. Ensure you have the correct update image.
       Use of incorrect images or interrupting the update will make the card  unusable.   Example
       flashing a Genwqe default Partition (Partition 1):

              ./genwqe_update -C0 -f chip_a5_latest.rbf

   Example flashing a Genwqe backup Partition (Partition 0):
              ./genwqe_update -C0 -p 0 -f chip_a5_latest.rbf

       Please  note  that  updating the card can take some time.  So please be patient and do not
       try to abort this process, because this might corrupt the card image, and the  card  won't
       work as expected afterwards.