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       gitinspector - statistical analysis tool for git repositories


       gitinspector [OPTION]... [REPOSITORY]


       Analyze and gather statistics about a git repository. The defaut analysis shows general
       statistics per author, which can be complemented with a timeline analysis that shows the
       workload and activity of each author. Under normal operation, gitinspector filters the
       results to only show statistics about a number of given extensions and by default only
       includes source files in the statistical analysis.

       Several output formats are supported, including plain text, HTML and XML.


       List information about the repository in REPOSITORY. If no repository is specified, the
       current directory is used. If multiple repositories are given, information will be fetched
       from the last repository specified.

       Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too. Boolean arguments
       can only be given to long options.

       -f, --file-types=EXTENSIONS
           A comma separated list of file extensions to include when computing statistics. The
           default extensions used are: java,c,cc,cpp,h,hh,hpp,py,glsl,rb,js,sql. Specifying a
           single * asterisk character includes files with no extension. Specifying two
           consecutive ** asterisk characters includes all files regardless of extension.

       -F, --format=FORMAT
           Defines in which format output should be generated; the default format is text and the
           available formats are: html,htmlembedded,text,xml (see OUTPUT FORMATS)

           Show statistics and information in a way that is formatted for grading of student
           projects; this is the same as supplying the options -HlmrTw

       -H, --hard[=BOOL]
           Track rows and look for duplicates harder; this can be quite slow with big

       -l, --list-file-types[=BOOL]
           List all the file extensions available in the current branch of the repository

       -L, --localize-output[=BOOL]
           Localize the generated output to the selected system language if a translation is

       -m, --metrics[=BOOL]
           Include checks for certain metrics during the analysis of commits

       -r --responsibilities[=BOOL]
           Show which files the different authors seem most responsible for

           Only show statistics for commits more recent than a specific date

       -T, --timeline[=BOOL]
           Show commit timeline, including author names

           Only show statistics for commits older than a specific date

       -w, --weeks[=BOOL]
           Show all statistical information in weeks instead of in months

       -x, --exclude=PATTERN
           An exclusion pattern describing the file paths, revisions, author names or author
           emails that should be excluded from the statistics; can be specified multiple times
           (see FILTERING)

       -h, --help
           Display help and exit

           Output version information and exit


       There are support for multiple output formats in gitinspector. They can be selected using
       the -F/--format flags when running the main gitinspector script.

       text (plain text)
           Plain text with some very simple ANSI formatting, suitable for console output. This is
           the format chosen by default by gitinspector.

           HTML with external links. The generated HTML page links to some external resources;
           such as the JavaScript library JQuery. It requires an active internet connection to
           properly function. This output format will most likely also link to additional
           external resources in the future.

           HTML with no external links. Similar to the HTML output format, but requires no active
           internet connection. As a consequence; the generated pages are bigger (as certain
           scripts have to be embedded into the generated output).

           XML suitable for machine consumption. If you want to parse the output generated by
           gitinspector in a script or application of your own; this is the format you should


       gitinspector offers several different ways of filtering out unwanted information from the
       generated statistics:

       ·   gitinspector -x myfile, filter out and exclude statistics from all files (or paths)
           with the string "myfile"

       ·   gitinspector -x file:myfile, filter out and exclude statistics from all files (or
           paths) with the string "myfile"

       ·   gitinspector -x author:John, filter out and exclude statistics from all authors
           containing the string "John"

       ·   gitinspector -x, filter out and exclude statistics from all authors
           with a gmail account

       ·   gitinspector -x revision:8755fb33, filter out and exclude statistics from all
           revisions containing the hash "8755fb33"

       ·   gitinspector -x message:BUGFIX, filter out and exclude statistics from all revisions
           containing "BUGFIX" in the commit message.

       The gitinspector command also lets you add multiple filtering rules by simply specifying
       the -x options several times or by separating each filtering rule with a comma;

       ·   gitinspector -x author:John -x

       ·   gitinspector -x author:John,

       Sometimes, sub-string matching (as described above) is simply not enough. Therefore,
       gitinspector let’s you specify regular expressions as filtering rules. This makes
       filtering much more flexible:

       ·   gitinspector -x "author:\^(?!(John Smith))", only show statistics from author "John

       ·   gitinspector -x "author:\^(?!([A-C]))", only show statistics from authors starting
           with the letters A/B/C

       ·   gitinspector -x "$", filter out statistics from all email addresses ending
           with ".com"


       Options in gitinspector can be set using git config. Consequently, it is possible to
       configure gitinspector behavior globally (in all git repositories) or locally (in a
       specific git repository). It also means that settings will be permanently stored. All the
       long options that can be given to gitinspector can also be configure via git config (and
       take the same arguments).

       To configure how gitinspector should behave in all git repositories, execute the following
       git command:

       git config --global inspector.option setting

       To configure how gitinspector should behave in a specific git repository, execute the
       following git command (with the current directory standing inside the repository in

       git config inspector.option setting


       Originally written by Adam Waldenberg.


       Report gitinspector bugs to

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       There is also an issue tracker at:


       Copyright © 2012-2016 Ejwa Software. All rights reserved. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version
       3 or later This is free software: you are free to change
       and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.