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       gnatinspect - Query cross-references on source code


       gnatinspect -Pproject [switches]


       The  reference  source  of  information  about gnatinspect, the GNATColl manual, should be
       available in various formats under the  /usr/share/doc/libgnatcoll-doc  directory.   Else,
       please install the libgnatcoll-doc package.

       When  manipulating  source  code,  programmers needs to know where the various symbols are
       defined, where they are used, and so on.  Computing this information is tricky, especially
       for  languages  that  support  overloading  of  subprograms.   By  definition,  a compiler
       understands the program and where each part comes from.  Some compilers like GNAT and  gcc
       can  then  generate  extra  output  files  (.ali and .gli respectively) which contain this

       The GNATCOLL.Xref Ada library can aggregate all those files into a single sqlite database,
       answering  queries such as: Give me the declaration for this entity, List all places where
       this entity is used, Show all subprograms  that  could  be  called  in  practice  at  this
       dispatching  call,  What  files  does this file depend on, Show me the call graph for this
       application...  Instead of a direct access to the sqlite database, gnatinspect displays an
       interactive prompt that lets you perform various queries.

       gnatinspect --help will display the list of commands and their syntax.


       gnatcoll_db2ada(1)   This   manual   page   has   been   written   by  Nicolas  Boulenguez
       <> for the Debian project (and may be used by others).