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       gpredict - real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program


       gpredict [OPTION]...


       Gpredict  is  a real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program. It can track an
       unlimited number of satellites and display the satellite  data  in  various  visualisation
       modules  like  lists, maps and polar plots. Gpredict can also provide detailed information
       about upcoming satellite passes relative to one or  more  ground  stations.  Gpredict  can
       perform  Doppler tuning and antenna rotator tracking via hamlib. The complete user manual,
       as well as other documentation, is available from


       Gpredict is designed  and  written  by  Alexandru  Csete,  OZ9AEC,  but  many  other  have
       contributed in one way or other, see the AUTHORS file or the About box in gpredict.


       Report bugs to <>.


       Copyright © 2001-2011 Alexandru Csete.
       This  is  free  software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not
       even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. If it breaks  you  can  keep
       both pieces.