Provided by: gtkterm_1.0.1-1_amd64 bug


       GTKTerm - A simple GTK+ serial port terminal


       gtkterm [ options ]


       gtkterm is a simple GTK+ terminal used to communicate with the serial port.


       gtkterm accepts the following options:

       -h, --help Help screen.

       -c, --config <configuration>
              Load configuration (default is "default").

       -p, --port <device>
              Serial port device (default /dev/ttyS0).

       -s, --speed <speed>
              Serial port speed (default 9600).

       -b, --bits <bits>
              Number of bits (default 8).

       -t, --stopbits <stopbits>
              Number of stopbits (default 1).

       -a, --parity <odd | even>
              Partity (default none).

       -w, --flow <Xon | CTS>
              Flow control (default none).

       -d, --delay <ms>
              End of line delay in ms (default none).

       -r, --char <char>
              Wait for a special char at end of line (default none).

       -f, --file <filename>
              Default file to send (default none).

       -e, --echo
              Set local echo.

       -x, --rts_time_before <ms>
              For rs485, time in ms before transmit with rts on

       -y, --rts_time_after <ms>
              For rs485, time in ms after transmit with rts on

       -e, --echo
              Switch on local echo

       -L, --disable-port-lock
              Do not lock serial port. Allows to send to serial port from different terminals.


       gtkterm  was written by Julien Schmitt.  Maintained at by
       Willem van den Akker, Florian Euchner

       This manual page was written by  Sebastien  Bacher  <>,  for  the  Debian
       GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                        September 15, 2019                             GTKTerm(1)