Provided by: geneweb_6.08+git20181019+dfsg-2_amd64 bug


       gwd - Launches the GeneWeb Process


       gwd [ command-line switches ]


       gwd  launches the GeneWeb "daemon" process.  Once this is done, you can attach to it using
       a web browser to view your genealogical data.
       Connect to the GeneWeb process using a standard web browser using the following:
       where "base" is the name of the database file.
       GeneWeb is coded in the functional language Objective CAML, and can be extended with byte-
       code or compiled code written in that language.

       The primary documentation of gwd is in the HTML , documentation, which you can find in the
       documentation directory (/usr/share/doc/geneweb on Debian systems).
       Please look there for complete and up-to-date documentation.

       GeneWeb Options

       -help   Show possible options and switches

       -hd <dir>
               Path to the 'lang' directory

       -dd <dir>
               Path to the documentation directory

       -bd <dir>
               Path to the GeneWeb database.

       -wd <dir>
               Path to the socket communications (Windows) and access count.

       -cgi    Force cgi mode.

       -images_url <url>
               URL for GeneWeb images (default: gwd send them)

       -images_dir <url>
               Same than previous but directory name relative to current

       -a <ip> Select a specific address (default = any address of this computer)

       -p <number>
               Select a port number (default = 2317); > 1024 for normal users.

               Display a link to local gwsetup in bottom of pages.

       -wizard <passwd>
               Set a wizard password: access to all dates and updating.

       -friend <passwd>
               Set a friend password: access to all dates.

       -wjf    Wizard just friend (permanently)

       -lang <lang>
               Set a default language (default: en).

       -blang <lang>
               Select the user browser language if any.

       -only <address>
               Only accept queries from IP address <address>.

       -auth <file>
               Authorization file to restrict access.  The file  must  hold  lines  of  the  form

       -log <file>
               Redirect log trace to this file.

       -nolock Do not lock files before writing.

       -robot_xcl <cnt>,<sec>
               Exclude connections when more than <cnt> requests in <sec> seconds.

       -login_tmout <sec>
               Login timeout for entries with passwords in CGI mode (default 1800s)

       -redirect <addr>
               Send a message to say that this service has been redirected to <addr>

               Print the failed passwords in log

       -max_clients <num>
               Max number of clients treated at the same time (default: no limit) (daemon only)

       -conn_tmout <sec>
               Connection timeout (default 120s; 0 means no limit)

       -daemon Unix daemon mode.


       Geneweb  is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the
       GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version  2
       of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

       Note  :  this copyright does not cover genealogic data bases generated by GeneWeb, nor the
       use of GeneWeb as Web site server or CGI  -  this  is  merely  considered  normal  use  of
       GeneWeb, and does not fall under the the heading of "derived work". Also note that the GPL
       above is copyrighted by the Free Software Foundation, but the instance  of  code  that  it
       refers to (the software GeneWeb) is copyrighted by INRIA.