Provided by: hdf5-helpers_1.10.4+repack-11ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       h5cc - Helper script to compile HDF5 applications.


       h5cc [OPTIONS] <compile line>


       h5cc  can  be used in much the same way MPIch is used to compile an HDF5 program. It takes
       care of specifying where the HDF5 header files and libraries are on the command line.

       h5cc supercedes all other compiler scripts in that if you've used them to compile the HDF5
       library,  then h5cc also uses those scripts. For example, when compiling an MPIch program,
       you use the mpicc script. If you've built HDF5 using  MPIch,  then  h5cc  uses  the  MPIch
       program for compilation.

       Some  programs  use  HDF5 in only a few modules. It isn't necessary to use h5cc to compile
       those modules which don't use HDF5. In fact, since h5cc is only a convenience script,  you
       are  still  able to compile HDF5 modules in the normal way. In that case, you will have to
       specify the HDF5 libraries and include paths yourself.

       An example of how to use h5cc to compile the program hdf_prog, which consists  of  modules
       prog1.c and prog2.c and uses the HDF5 shared library, would be as follows:
              # h5cc -c prog1.c # h5cc -c prog2.c # h5cc -shlib -o hdf_prog prog1.o prog2.o


       -help  Prints a help message.

       -echo  Show all the shell commands executed.

              Use  the directory DIR to find the HDF5 lib/ and include/ subdirectories.  Default:
              prefix specified when configuring HDF5.

       -show  Show the commands without executing them.

       -shlib Compile using shared HDF5 libraries.

              Compile using static HDF5 libraries [default].

       <compile line>
              The normal compile line options for your compiler. h5cc uses the same compiler  you
              used  to  compile  HDF5. Check your compiler's manual for more information on which
              options are needed.


              Use a different C compiler.

              Use a different linker.

              Use shared version of the HDF5 library [default: no].


       h5fc(1), h5c++(1)