Provided by: haxe_4.0.5-1_amd64 bug


       haxelib - Haxe Library Manager


       haxelib [command] [options...]


       haxelib  is  a  command-line  tool  to  manage  both  the global repository and your local
       repository of Haxe libraries and projects.


       install library [version]
              Install a given library from the global repository.  Once a project  is  installed,
              you  can  simply  use  haxe  -lib  library  ...  to  be  able  to  use it from your
              application.  By default, this is the current version of the project that is  used.
              If you want to use a specific version of the project, use haxe -lib library:version

       list   List all installed libraries and their versions.

              Upgrade all installed libraries to their latest version.

       remove library [version]
              Remove a given library.

       set library [version]
              Set the current version for a library. The version must be already installed.

       search word
              List global libraries matching a word.

       info library
              List information on a given library.

       user library
              List information on a given user on the global repository.

       register name
              Register a new user in the global repository.

       submit library
              Submit or update a library to the global repository.

       setup  Set the haxelib repository path.

       config library
              Print the local repository path.

       path libraries...
              List the path to the given libraries.

       run library [arguments...]
              Run the specified library with arguments if it provides a run  script.  Be  careful
              about trusting libraries this way since the script can damage your system.

       test library
              install the specified library locally.

       dev    Set the development directory for a given project.


       Haxe is currently maintained by the Haxe Foundation.  It was originally written by Nicolas
       Cannasse for Motion-Twin.




                                           May 12, 2017                                HAXELIB(1)