Provided by: htdig_3.2.0b6-18build1_amd64 bug


       htsearch - create document index and word database for the ht://Dig search engine


       htsearch [options] [query_string]


       Htsearch  is  used to sift through the  databases created by htdig for content.  It is the
       actual search engine of the htdig search system. It is a CGI program that is  expected  to
       be  invoked  by an HTML form. It will accept both the GET and POST methods of passing data
       to the CGI program.


              A CGI-style query string can be given as a single argument, and is only used if the
              REQUEST_METHOD  environment  variable is not set.  If no query_string is given, and
              REQUEST_METHOD is not set, htsearch will prompt for the query.

       -c configfile
              Use the specified configfile instead of the  default  (for  security  reasons  this
              option is only available when htsearch is used on the command line).

       -v -d  Run in verbose mode.  This increases the verbosity of the program.  Using more than
              2 is probably only useful for debugging purposes.  The default verbose mode gives a
              progress on what it is doing and where it is.


              The default configuration file.

              The default search results header file

              The default search results footer file

              The  default  search  results  wrapper  file,  that  contains the header and footer
              together in one file

              The default 'no matches found' HTML file

              The default file that explains boolean expression syntax errors


       Please  refer  to  the  HTML  pages  (in  the  htdig-doc  package)   /usr/share/doc/htdig-
       doc/html/index.html   and  the  manual  pages  htdig(1)  and  htmerge(1)  for  a  detailed
       description of ht://Dig and its commands.


       This manual page was written by Stijn de Bekker and updated by Robert Ribnitz. It is based
       on the HTML documentation of ht://Dig.

                                          6 October 2001                              htsearch(1)