Provided by: hwloc-nox_2.1.0+dfsg-4_amd64 bug


       hwloc-dump-hwdata - Dump topology and locality information from hardware tables


       hwloc-dump-hwdata [options]


       -o <dir>  save output files to directory <dir> instead of the default /run/hwloc/ that was
                 specified at configure time.

                 You may want to set the HWLOC_DUMPED_HWDATA_DIR environment variable as well  so
                 that the hwloc library looks for dumped files in that same directory.

       -h --help Display help message and exit.


       hwloc  may benefit from some locality and topology information from SMBIOS or ACPI tables.
       They are accessible from raw hardware files under directories such  /sys/firmware/dmi/  or
       /sys/firmware/acpi/  on  Linux.  These files are usually only accessible to root, and they
       only exist when there is dmi-sysfs support in the Linux kernel.

       The hwloc-dump-hwdata tool dumps the useful contents of such files into human-readable and
       world-accessible  files.  The intent is to run the tool once during boot and have the main
       (non-privileged) hwloc library gather information from these human-readable files.

       hwloc-dump-hwdata is currently only useful for Intel Xeon Phi processors (Knights  Landing
       and Knights Mill).

       The current list of dumped information is:

       Intel Xeon Phi processor memory, cache and clustering configuration
            gathered  from  specific  SMBIOS  entries  such as /sys/firmware/dmi/entries/14-* and
            /sys/firmware/dmi/entries/160-*, and saved in file knl_memoryside_cache.


       hwloc(7), lstopo(1)