Provided by: icecream_1.3-4_all bug


       icecream - download icecast and shoutcast streams, redirecting all fetched content to
       stdout and/or to disk at the same time


       icecream [OPTIONS] URL [URL..]


       icecream is a lightweight, non-interactive, stream download utility.  It connects to
       icecast and shoutcast servers or direct stream URLs, and redirects all fetched content to
       stdout and/or to media files on your disk.

       Listen to the stream piping the output to a stdin-capable media player.  Save the stream
       to a named file or split it into different tracks.  It is possible to redirect the stream
       and save it to disk at the same time.

       icecream is able to parse pls and m3u playlists, and to download mp3 and ogg direct stream
       URLs. If the stream is anonymous it will be saved as 'stream-time.mp3', where time is
       actual timestamp.


       -h, --help
               Print a help message describing all options

       -q, --quiet
               Turn off output

       -v, --verbose
               Be verbose

       -t, --tracks
               Split stream into tracks (if possible)

               Save the stream to file specified by NAME. Format codes starting with "%" will be
               replaced. See the date command for valid format codes.

               Stop downloading the stream after N kb/mb/min/songs

               Set user-agent header to AGENT

               Output stream to stdout (implies -q)

       --sync  Turn syncing on, required for some mpeg players that read from stdin

       --debug Turn on debugging outputs


       Streaming to mpg123
               icecream --stdout | mpg123 -

       Split stream into different tracks
               icecream -t

       Split stream into tracks and play with vlc at the same time
               icecream -t --stdout | vlc file:/dev/stdin

       Prepare a 74 minute CD
               icecream -t --stop 74min

       Use a filename with today's date as output
               icecream -q --name 'radio_%Y_%m_%d' --stop 60min


       You are welcome to send bug reports about icecream to our mailing list.  Feel free to


       Written by Gil Megidish <gil at>