Provided by: libid3-tools_3.8.3-16.2build2_amd64 bug


       id3tag - Tags an mp3 file with id3v1 and/or id3v2 tags.


       id3tag [ OPTION ]...  [ FILE ]...


       Id3tag  will render both types of tag by default.  Only the last tag type indicated in the
       option list will be used.  Non- rendered will remain unchanged in the original file.  Will
       also parse and convert Lyrics3 v2.0 frames, but will not render them.


       -1, --v1tag
              Render only the id3v1 tag

       -2, --v2tag
              Render only the id3v2 tag

       -h, --help
              Display help and exit

       -v, --version
              Display version information and exit

       -a, --artist ARTIST
              Set the artist information

       -s, --song SONG
              Set the song title information

       -A, --album ALBUM
              Set the album title information

       -c, --comment COMMENT
              Set the comment information

       -C, --desc DESCRIPTION
              Set the comment description

       -g, --genre num
              Set the genre number

       -y, --year num
              Set the year

       -t, --track num
              Set the track number

       -T, --total num
              Set the total number of tracks on the album


       id3convert(1), id3info(1), id3v2(1)


       id3lib  was originally designed and implemented by Dirk Mahoney and is maintained by Scott
       Thomas Haug <>. Manual  page  written  for  Debian  GNU/Linux  by  Robert
       Woodcock <>.