Provided by: fp-utils-3.0.4_3.0.4+dfsg-23_amd64 bug


       ifpc - The Free Pascal Interpreter.


       ifpc [-h] [-v] [compiler options] <source file> [program parameters]


       ifpc This is a pascal code interpreter program. It compiles source and runs the
        generated program.

       Source  is  compared  with  the cache. If cache is not valid then then source is copied to
       cache with the shebang line commented and cached source is compiled.  If compilation fails
       the  fpc  output  is  written to stdout and and exit code 1 is returned If compilation was
       successful the program is executed.  If the compiler options contains -B  the  program  is
       always  recompiled.   If  the  environment option INSTANTFPCOPTIONS is set it is passed to
       compiler as the first parameters.


       ifpc takes the following arguments:

       -h     Prints this help message and exit.

       -v     Prints version and exit.

              Prints current cache directory and exit.

       --set-cache=<path to cache>
              Set the cache to be used. Otherwise using environment variable INSTANTFPCCACHE.

       --compiler=<path to compiler>
              Normally fpc is searched in PATH and used as compiler.

              Do not execute the program. Useful to test if script compiles

       -B     Always recompile.