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       ikiwiki-calendar - create calendar archive pages


       ikiwiki-calendar [-f] your.setup [pagespec] [startyear [endyear]]


       ikiwiki-calendar creates pages that use the ikiwiki/directive/calendar directive, allowing
       the archives to be browsed one month at a time, with calendar-based navigation.

       You must specify the setup file for your wiki.  The  pages  will  be  created  inside  its
       srcdir,   beneath   the  archivebase  directory  used  by  the  calendar  plugin  (default

       To control which pages are included on the calendars, a ikiwiki/PageSpec can be specified.
       The  default  is all pages, or the pages specified by the comments_pagespec setting in the
       config file. A pagespec can also be specified on the command line. To  limit  it  to  only
       posts in a blog, use something like "posts/* and !*/Discussion".

       It  defaults  to  creating  calendar pages for the current year. If you specify a year, it
       will create pages for that year.  Specify a second year to create  pages  for  a  span  of

       Existing  pages  will not be overwritten by this command by default.  Use the -f switch to
       force it to overwrite any existing pages.


       While this command only needs to be run once a year to update the archive pages  for  each
       new  year,  you are recommended to set up a cron job to run it daily, at midnight. Then it
       will also update the calendars to highlight the current day.

       An example crontab:

        0 0 * * * ikiwiki-calendar ~/ikiwiki.setup 'posts/* and !*/Discussion'


       This  command  uses  two  templates  to  generate  the   pages,   calendarmonth.tmpl   and

plugins/calendar setup option

       Most  of the goals of this command can be replaced by setting up calendar_autocreate setup
       option (of plugin plugins/calendar), and running ikiwiki --setup you.setup. The only thing
       that  ikiwiki-calendar can do and that ikiwiki cannot is forcing page generation (using -f


       Joey Hess <>