Provided by: freeipa-server_4.8.3-1_amd64 bug


       ipa-nis-manage - Enables or disables the NIS listener plugin


       ipa-nis-manage [options] <enable|disable|status>


       Run the command with the enable option to enable the NIS plugin.

       Run the command with the disable option to disable the NIS plugin.

       Run  the  command  with  the status option to read status of the NIS plugin. Return code 0
       indicates enabled plugin, return code 4 indicates disabled plugin.

       In all cases the user will be prompted to provide the Directory Manager's password  unless
       option -y is used.

       Directory Server will need to be restarted after the NIS listener plugin has been enabled.


       -d, --debug
              Enable debug logging when more verbose output is needed

       -y file
              File containing the Directory Manager password


       0 if the command was successful

       1 if an error occurred

       2 if the plugin is already in the required status (enabled or disabled)

       3 if RPC services cannot be enabled.

       4 if status command detected plugin in disabled state.