Provided by: libcorkipset-utils_1.1.1+20150311-8_amd64 bug


       ipsetdot - utility of libcorkipset library


       ipsetdot [options] <input filename>


       Creates a GraphViz file showing the BDD structure of an IP set.


              <input filename>

       The binary set file to read.
              To read from stdin, use "-" as the


       --output=<filename>, -o <filename>

              Writes  the  GraphViz  representation  of the binary IP set file to <filename>.  If
              this option isn't given, then the contents will be written to standard output.

       --verbose, -v

       Show progress information about the files being read and written.

              this option is not given, the only output will be any error messages that occur.


              Display this help and exit.

   Output format:
              Internally, IP sets are  represented  by  a  binary-decision  diagram  (BDD).   The
              ipsetdot program can be used to produce a GraphViz file that describes the internal
              BDD structure for an IP set.  The GraphViz representation can then be passed in  to
              GraphViz's  "dot"  program,  for  instance, to generate an image of the BDD's graph