Provided by: ircii_20190117-1_amd64 bug


       ircio - A quaint little program to make irc life PING free


       This  little  program  connects to the server (given as arg 1) on the given port (given as
       arg 2).  It then accepts input from stdin and sends it to that server. Likewise, it  reads
       stuff  sent  from  the  server  and  sends  it to stdout.  Simple?  Yes, it is.  But wait!
       There's more!  It also intercepts server PINGs and automatically responds to them.    This
       frees  up  the  process  that  starts ircio (such as IRCII) to pause without fear of being
       pooted off the net.


       Michael Sandrof


       ircII(1), ircflush(1)

                                          irccio-VERSION                                 ircio(1)