Provided by: jack-capture_0.9.73-3_amd64 bug


       jack_capture - A program for recording anything from jack


       jack_capture [options]
       bar [options]


       This manual page documents briefly the jack_capture command.  This manual page was written
       for the Debian distribution because the original program does not have a manual page.

       jack_capture is a cli program for recording any audio signal  from  jack  to  audio  audio
       formats supported by libsndfile library (wav, aiff, ogg, flac, wavex, au, etc.)

       For more info about libsndfile see


       These  programs  follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with
       two dashes (`-').  A summary of options is included below.

       -b, --bitdepth n
              is by default FLOAT. It can be set to  either  8,  16,  24  or  32.  (for  relevant

       -c, --channels n
              is by default 2.

       -p, --port port
              is  by  default  set  to the two first physical outputs. The "port" argument can be
              specified more than once.

       -d, --duration s
              Recording is stopped after "s" seconds.

       -z, --leading-zeros n
              "n"  is  the  number  of  zeros  to  in  the  autogenerated  filename.   (-z  2  ->
              jack_capture_001.wav, and so on.) (default is 1)

       -f, --format format
              Selects     fileformat    provided    by    libsndfile.     See    http://www.mega-
     (Default is wav for 1 or 2  channels,  and  wavex
              for more than 2.)

       -pf, --print-formats
              Prints all sound formats provided to sndfile to screen and then exits.

       -v, --version
              Prints out version.

       -s, --silent
              Suppress some common messages printed to the terminal.

       -V, --verbose]
              Prints some extra information to the terminal.

       -mp3, --mp3
              Writes  to  an  mp3  file  using liblame (LAME). (the --format option has no effect
              using this option)

       -mp3q, --mp3-quality n
              Selects mp3 quality provided by liblame. n=0 is best, n=9 is worst. Default n is 2.
              (0 uses the most amount of CPU, 9 uses the least)

       -mp3b, --mp3-bitrate n
              Selects mp3 bitrate (in kbit/s). Default is set by liblame. (currently 128)

       -ws, --write-to-stdout
              Writes  16 bit little endian to stdout. (the --format option, the --mp3 option, and
              some others have no effect using this option)

       -dm, --disable-meter
              Disable console meter

       -hbu, --hide-buffer-usage
              Disable buffer usage.

       -dc, --disable-console
              Disable console updates. Same as "-dm -hbu".

       -lm, --linear-meter
              Use linear scale for the console meter (default is dB scale)

       -dBr, --dB-meter-reference
              Specify reference level for dB meter. (default=0)

       -mb, --meterbridge
              Start up meterbridge to monitor recorded sound.

       -mt, --meterbridge-type
              Specify type. vu (default), ppm, dpm, jf or sco.

       -mr, --meterbridge-reference
              Specify reference level for meterbidge.

       -jt, --jack-transport
              Start program, but do not start recording until jack transport has started rolling.
              When jack transport stops, the recording is stopped, and the program ends.

       -jtm, --jack-transport-multi
              Similar  to  --jack-transport,  but  do  not end program when jack transport stops.
              Instead, record to a  new  file  when  jack_transport  start  rolling  again.  (not
              implemented yet)

       -B, --bufsize s
              Initial/minimum  buffer  size in seconds. Default is 8 seconds for mp3 files, and 4
              seconds for all other formats.

       -MB, --maxbufsize
              Maximum buffer size in seconds. jack_capture will allocate. Default is 40.  (Buffer
              is automatically increased during

       -fn, --filename
              Specify filename. (It's usually easier to set last argument instead)


       jack_capture [--bitdepth n] [--channels n] [--port port] [filename]

       jack_capture [-b n] [-c n] [-p port] [filename]

              To record a stereo file of what you hear.

       ack_capture -f flac
              To record a stereo file of what you hear in the flac format.

       jack_capture -f ogg
              To record a stereo file of what you hear in the ogg format.

       jack_capture -mp3
              To record a stereo file of what you hear in the mp3 format.

       jack_capture --channels 2 --port system:playback*
              To record a stereo file of what you hear in the wav format.

       jack_capture --port jamin:out* sound_from_jamin.wav
              To record the output from jamin.

       jack_capture --port jamin:in* sound_to_jamin.wav
              To record all sound coming in to jamin.

       jack_capture --port jamin* sound_to_and_from_jamin.wav
              To record all sound coming in and out of jamin.

       jack_capture -c 2 -p system:capture*
              To record a stereo file from the soundcard.




       jack_capture was written by Kjetil Matheussen

       This  manual  page  was  written  by  Jaromír Mikeš <>, for the Debian
       project (but may be used by others).

                                          July 28, 2010                           JACK_CAPTURE(1)